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Sunday, September 9, 2012

PSW Las Vegas Abstract/Artistic

Oakley Jones 
 Oakley Jones
Oakley Jones
 Oakley Jones
Oakley Jones
Oakley Jones

Fearless - Manny Quintero

Hollywood 1931 - Manny Quintero

Fancy Banners - Manny Quintero
Fire or Water? - Julie Peterson

Chocolate trail - Julie Peterson

Julianne Inspired Art Photography - Julie Peterson

The Lovely Las Vegas By: Katie Anderson

f/3.5  |  1/13 sec  |  ISO 400

Vegas Cocktail  by Stacey Gold
*Not a student, but I still wanted to share a couple of my shots from the awesome trip!*

Jamie Nokleby

Jamie Nokleby

Chelsea Miller
"Pattern a Building" f 4; 1/60; ISO 1600 (this was the hotel where the shuttle would pick up and drop off- I can't remember the name...)

"Sunshine and Shadows" f 7.1; 1/250; ISO 100; Saint George Utah on 9/7/12

"Mirror Mirror" f 3.5; 1/5: ISO 1600

LightPainted Palms : By Katie Anderson

Hiding from Security: Katie Anderson

I Came, I Saw, I conquered- Chantelle Zenger

Glitz And Glam- Chantelle Zenger

Italia- Chantelle Zenger

Painted Landscape - Austin Shurtliff : f/29.0, 1/10, ISO 100

Abstract Landscape - Austin Shurtliff : f/29.0, 1/25, ISO 100 

Pieces - Austin Shurtliff : f/10.0, 1/8, ISO 1600

PSW Las Vegas- Best Out of the Van Shot

Jamie Nokleby

Jamie Nokleby

Jamie Nokleby

Mandalay Bay View from the Van By: Katie Anderson

Sunset over Vegas By: Katie Anderson

-on the ride home...-
Dessert Rock by: Chelsea Miller

Power Line Sunset by: Chelsea Miller

Factory Sunset by: Chelsea Miller

Livin' the Dream - Jenny Bullock
Lazer Love - Jenny Bullock
 Down on the Corner - Jenny Bullock

Just Around the Riverbend- Chantelle Zenger 

Illusion- Chantelle Zenger

ROCK! - Chantelle Zenger

Night Ride - Manny Quintero

Liberty - Manny Quintero

Tour Eiffel - Manny Quintero

PSW Las Vegas- Street Photography

f/5.0  |  1/25 sec  |  ISO 800

Mr. Presley by Stacey Gold
*Not a student, but I still wanted to share a couple of my shots from the awesome trip!*

Grumpy Fish By : Katie Anderson

Vegas Locals

First Friday  |  Jamie Nokleby

Superman  |  Jamie Nokleby

Bus Stop  |  Jamie Nokleby

Polaroid Street Photography by: Chelsea Miller

Golden Morning - Jenny Bullock
Searching for Change - Jenny Bullock
Street Acrobat - Jenny Bullock

Candy Cane Gondola: Katie Anderson
The Homeless Hotel: Katie Anderson

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are- Chantelle Zenger

Swaggg- Chantelle Zenger 

Wrinkles :) - Chantelle Zenger

The Tin Man - Austin Shurtliff : f/5.6, 1/40, ISO 1600 

Reflected - Austin Shurtliff : f/5.6, 1/40, ISO 1600 

Trinkets - Austin Shurtliff : f/4.5, 1/25, ISO 800 

Jaime - Julie Peterson

Hard Worker - Manny Quintero

Lonely - Manny Quintero

The Venetian - Manny Quintero